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Cozy Comedy founders Travis Sherer and Marcus Moreno have been producing local comedy shows since 2022. In just a year, Cozy Comedy grew from one monthly West Seattle show to 12 monthly shows in six counties.

The goal of Cozy Comedy is simple: bring local comedians to places that haven't seen them. One thing we realized after one crazy year: even we did not know how deep the talent pool is in Washington state. We keep meeting more talented comics every show.

Now we want to bring these hilarious mammals together once a year to find out who is the funniest so we can throw $2,000 at them.


First Round
50 Total Comedians
5 Shows (10 Comedians Per Show)
Each Comedian Gets 7 Minutes
Top 3 From Each Show Move on to Semi-Final Round
Show Winners Receive $200 (5 total prizes)

Semi-Final Round
15 Total Comedians
3 Shows (5 Comedians Per Show)
Each Comedian Gets 10 Minutes
Winner of Each Show Moves on to Final Round
Winner of Each Show Also Receives $200 (3 total prizes)
Highest 2nd Place Finisher Between 3 Semi-Final Shows Also Moves on

Final Round
4 Total Comedians
Each Comedian Gets 15 Minutes
Winner Receives $2000

Winners will be selected by a combination of audience vote, judges and industry. 

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